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Cel Animation Videos: Leave Your Audience Wondering

Want to increase your brand's conversion rate by reaching a larger number of prospective customers? Hire our exceptional Cel animation services to produce captivating animated films for your company.

What is Cel Animation Service?

Cel animation is the method of animating figures using drawings and paintings on cels (short for celluloid). Place the moving characters on a backdrop and photograph each frame.

What is the WizFiz Videos Cel Animation Process?

Here's a brief introduction of how we make cel animation films.


Creating a storyboard

We provide your cel animation screenplay to an artist to develop a storyboard.


Drawing Phase

Our lead cel animation professional will sketch each character, object, and backdrop on dope sheets while keeping track of time. Later on, the animation artist would create in-between motion illustrations to complete the stance movements between frames.


Creating Cel Animations

Once the pencil sketches are completed, the dope sheets are sent to the inker, who will transform the artwork to a cel.

Advantages of Hiring Our Cel Animation Agency

Our cel animation service may benefit your organization in a variety of ways. Here are three major benefits of employing our cel animation company. A more affordable animation approach than 2D animation for simulating any hand-drawn/sketched settings, objects, and characters. It seems to be a 2D animation yet moves like a 3D animated video, providing a wow effect for your target audience. Hiring a competent Cel Animation studio may help you create a warm, engaging, and imagination-capturing animated video for any reason.